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GDPR - October 25, 2019

#Privacy: Data intelligence firm announces crowd code of ethics to build better AI

Appen Limited, a provider of high-quality datasets needed by companies and governments to train AI systems quickly and at scale, has unveiled its Crowd Code of Ethics.

The initiative reflects the importance of the Crowd’s well-being in creating the data for AI systems and applications that people worldwide increasingly use and depend on every day. Moreover, it formalizes the best practices Appen has developed over the past several years to support and promote contractor wellness.

Appen CEO Mark Brayan, said:

“The AI industry depends on the people who collect and label the data. They help make machine learning-empowered solutions possible and today we are formalizing our commitment to their well-being. We believe that our customers should know that their partners stand for the ethical treatment of contractors.”

Appen’s Crowd Code of Ethics comprises six principles:

Fair Pay
Our goal is to pay our Crowd above minimum wage in every market around the world where we operate.

A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Crowd Voice
Our Crowd has a valued voice at Appen, and their feedback helps us to continuously improve.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Any information collected about the Crowd is requested solely for the purposes of the project. Appen takes precautions to protect that information and does not release private data on individuals to third parties without consent.

We believe in helpful, transparent, and responsive lines of communication with our Crowd.

Appen promotes wellness, community, and connections through online forums and best practices.

Appen’s Crowd Care team will support wellness by ensuring the company’s adherence to the Crowd Code of Ethics and will educate customers about its benefits.

Kerri Reynolds, Appen’s senior vice president of Crowd Sourcing Operations and Human Resources, said:

“Our Crowd Code of Ethics is important to ensuring that our Crowd is treated equitably around the world. The Code of Ethics aligns with our corporate values and demonstrates our commitment to Crowd wellness.”

Sebastian Kohlmeier at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) said:

“We support Appen’s efforts to develop a Code of Ethics for its crowd. We believe these considerations are essential for both the crowd and the industry to thrive, and this complements our ethical pricing and best practices guidelines we issued earlier this year.”

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