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GDPR - October 25, 2019

#Privacy: Cybersecurity industry still dominated by men

The annual Exabeam Cybersecurity Professionals Salary, Skills and Stress survey has discovered that the lack of diversity still persists in cybersecurity. 

They survey questioned 479 security professionals working around the world – including the US, the UK, Canada, India, the Netherlands and Australia. 

It was revealed that the majority of respondents (65%) identified themselves as Caucasian, whilst Asian professionals made up just 13% of respondents, and Latino or Hispanic professionals making up just 9%. 

The most underrepresented group were professionals from the Middle East and African Americans, making up just 4% and 3% of respondents, respectively. 

In regards to gender, 9% of the survey respondents were female, unlike last year’s survey of 10%. This indicates a clear gender imbalance of professionals within the cybersecurity industry.

Despite the industry evidently being behind in diversity, there is a balanced approach to pay. The researchers wrote: “Men and women reported similar wages, and minorities made some of the highest salaries. African-Americans reported the highest median salary.”

When asked about job satisfaction 71% of respondents cited being satisfied at work which is a decrease from last year’s survey (83%). However, 78% of respondents stated that they would recommend a career within cybersecurity for graduates and new professionals.

Trevor Daughney, VP of product market at Exabeam said:

“The lack of diversity in this survey is a microcosm of the wide problem plaguing the cybersecurity industry. 

“When we consider the continuous threats and external adversaries that cyber professionals face, we understand that fighting for them requires a multidisciplinary approach. Building a diverse team of people creates a more holistic view of the problem and delivers a range of valuable problem-solving skills. In that way, diversity truly improves the overall outcome of the team.”

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