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GDPR - February 21, 2020

#Privacy: Cybersecurity chief concern as restricting factor to public cloud adoption

A new report titled Future Shock: The Cloud Is the New Network, has surveyed global IT decision makers’ on moving infrastructure to the public cloud, restricting adoption, and the security and networking solutions being implemented to overcome said restrictions.

Commissioned by cloud-enabled security solutions provider, Barracuda, the study indicates that while adoption rates for public cloud continue to grow, security is still the number one roadblock, which is understandable considering the volume and variety of threats organizations face today.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Organizations are moving infrastructure to public cloud. 
    • On average, organizations currently have 45% of IT infrastructure running in the public cloud.
    • Respondents expect to see an estimated 76% of IT infrastructure running in the public cloud in five years.
  • Security is the No. 1 concern restricting faster adoption of public cloud. 
    • 70% of respondents say security concerns restrict their organization’s adoption of public cloud.
    • Security concerns include the security of public cloud infrastructure, the impact of cyber-attacks, and the security of applications deployed in public cloud.
    • 75% of respondents have already been targeted by a cyber-attack.
  • Integrations/network is the No. 2 concern with public cloud adoption. 
    • These concerns include integrating public cloud with legacy technologies, better  integration with private cloud, and enhanced integration with on-premises infrastructure.
  • Secure software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) fully integrated into public cloud is the solution of choice. 
    • 23% of respondents have already deployed SD-WAN, with another 51% either in the process of deploying or expecting to deploy within the next 12 months.
    • SD-WAN is being used by more than half of those who have added security to their public cloud.

As more IT infrastructure moves to public cloud, cloud providers will offer more native network capabilities, and public cloud will expand to include more network functionality. The vast majority of organizations need their security vendors to offer advanced security and cloud connectivity tightly integrated with the major cloud platforms.

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