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GDPR - October 17, 2019

#Privacy: Cyber-security holds the key to future marine and offshore safety

Cyber-security and the strength of IT defences are to become priorities as organisations bid to make maritime assets, offshore assets and LNG infrastructure more resilient, following an announcement of collaboration between a technology leader and a classification society.

ABS are teaming up with digital transformation leaders, Atos, to develop cyber-security within shipping IT and operation technology (OT), as a reaction to the steady increase in digital technologies being utilised by companies and governments in the marine and offshore energy sectors.

In line with the ethics of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which prescribes that companies take a ‘Privacy by Design’ approach, cyber-security is now being implemented at the earliest stages of project design and development to maximise the effectiveness of risk management through all stages of operations from the very beginning.

ABS global head of cyber-security, Ian Bramson, said:

“Cyber security is the new frontier in marine and offshore safety.

“As these assets become more digital, the industry must be ready to deal with a broader range of threats. Working together, we are able to deliver a converged IT/OT solution for safer, more secure assets and operations.”

The growing cyber threat is of equal relevance to owners and operators alike, with all stakeholders aware that operations and people safety are both in the balance as automation and digitisation move forward.

As a result, those in charge need better control, visibility and management of cyber-risks in the maritime domain.

Atos senior vice president and head of big data and cyber security Jerome Sandrini, said:

“Historically, OT and IT acted as stand-alone systems in the maritime industry. Uniting Atos’ cyber security expertise with ABS’ marine and offshore operational experience provides a new industry solution in securing both IT and OT assets, devices and networks.”

Dovetailing cyber-security management into operations bakes physical OT system cover into IT real-time digital operations, Mr Sandrini said “to protect personnel, company, cargo and the environment from the evolving threat landscape and prevent unwanted incidents from occurring.

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