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GDPR - October 16, 2019

#Privacy: Could you be in line for Yahoo pay-out after data breach settlement?

If your Yahoo account was among the three billion accounts hit by the multiple data breaches suffered by Yahoo between 2013 and 2016, you could qualify for a $358 windfall or two free years of credit monitoring.

Should courts in California approve the settlement, Yahoo could portion off over $117.5 million among consumers whose names, email addresses and login credentials were stolen.

US-based account holders eligible for the money claim can check their claim status at Yahoodatabreachsettlement.com to get their hands on at least two years’ free credit monitoring services provided by AllClear ID.

Those able to demonstrate that they are already using credit monitoring services, and that those services are due to continue for at least 12 months, will be able to submit a claim to the value of $100. The actual amount breach victims can receive may be higher – up to £358, but in all likelihood the bonus will be lower, depending on how many Yahoo account holders stake their claim.

The news relates back to data breaches suffered by the search engine in 2013, when an unauthorised party obtain user data unlawfully. Then in 2014, a “state-sponsored actor” executed a similar swindle, Yahoo say.

Emails and passwords were believed to have been caught up in the intrusions. Financial data, such as bank account numbers and payment card details were not involved, however.

At the time of the breach, users were told to change passwords and security questions – two key elements of mitigating any adverse effects that could stem from a breach of this nature.

US citizens who held a Yahoo account between January 1st 2012 and December 31st 2016 may be eligible to make a claim. Those involved in the settlement class should also have received a notice about the data breaches.

Providing proof of out-of-pocket losses or loss of time during the data breaches could earn victims up to $25,000 in compensation. All claim forms must be filed online or mailed no later than July 20th of next year.

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