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GDPR - November 26, 2019

#Privacy: Corporate collaboration to address workforce cyber skills shortage

International cyber education firm, Cybint, and advanced training and technologies arena provider CyberGym are teaming up to help solve for the impending global cybersecurity workforce shortage with their Cyber Centers of Excellence (CCE) Grant program.

The program was announced recently at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) conference. The CCE Grant program, valued at over $5.6 million, offers US universities and colleges the opportunity to partner with Cybint and CyberGym to establish an advanced cyber education center at their institutions.

The battle for a safer digital world spans industries, communities and nations, and we face a future that increasingly relies on effective cybersecurity across all fronts to protect our core business, government and financial assets.

Yet, while cybersecurity is one of technology’s fastest-growing professions, there is a predicted shortage of 3.5 million professionals by 2021, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

In 2018 Cybint launched its Cyber Center Global Network to help solve for this, connecting higher-education institutions, industry and government in a collaborative effort to build cybersecurity awareness and learning, and serve as regional hubs for learning, training, and simulation.

The CCE grant program takes that successful initiative to the next level. With multiple grant awards, the program provides cyber education and military-grade training resources and expertise directly to higher-education institutions. The goal is to equip the schools to become Cyber Centers of Excellence of a national caliber for their institutions, communities and local industries.

Each CCE grant recipient will receive access to the Cybint and CyberGym “Cyber Center Package:

  • Cybint’s military-grade Cyber Boot Camp program
  • Cybint’s advanced online cyber training platform
  • CyberGym’s state-of-the-art arena emulating real-time attacks on operational environment and equipment
  • Advanced simulated cyber challenges for every level
  • Live faculty/staff training
  • Free users for up to 50% of students

“Collaboration across education, industries and countries, and continuous learning and upskilling are crucial for building a collective level of cybersecurity expertise to combat current and emerging threats,” Roy Zur, Cybint CEO said.

“We’re very excited to offer universities and colleges the opportunity to fulfil their critical role as we build a stronger, more well-prepared workforce, and are pleased to partner with CyberGym to launch the program.”

“The combination of Cybint and CyberGym capabilities is formidable,” added Ofir Hason, CyberGym co-founder and CEO.

“The grant program brings a unique opportunity for colleges and universities to leverage CyberGym’s worldwide network of training facilities, and give the students the experience of real-life cyber scenarios.”

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