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GDPR - January 24, 2020

#Privacy: Co-creation is keystone of smart city development

To make your smart city more sustainable, liveable and appealing, you need to adopt the co-creation model, says Deutsche Telekom (DTAG).

As smart cities become more popular, citizens must be empowered to adapt to their new digital environments.

Telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom believes smart cities can thrive with the right solutions. The problem is, only 10 per cent of cities have a strategy to implement their smart city concepts.

Ole Schilling, VP Market Development Smart Cities & Regions at DTAG, explains that cities face undeniable challenges, so they need the suitable tools to overcome these obstacles. There are four main issues to address:

  1. Which are the most relevant topics in your city?
  2. How do you integrate the increasing number of stakeholders?
  3. How do you use your existing IT infrastructure?
  4. Who is driving digitisation in your city?

Using the co-creation model, however, can bring the answers within reach. Schilling advises that anyone developing the smart city should:

  1. Choose the right challenges and focus on them clearly
  2. Find the right group of stakeholders who want to drive changes
  3. Focus on clear goals and KPIs, and ask what can be achieved with the time, money and people available
  4. Test the solution and show it is relevant and realistic

Smart cities should offer sustainable ways of living, with an improved quality of life. And when people work together, amazing things can be achieved. That’s why co-creation is the secret to success for smart cities.

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