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GDPR - January 27, 2020

#Privacy: City of Potsdam struck by cyber attack

The German city suffered a major cyber attack last week resulting in its servers being shut down. 

On Tuesday, unauthorised access to the Potsdam administration’s servers was detected, to which the city’s systems were shut down on Wednesday evening to prevent any data exfiltration. 

“In the past 48 hours, numerous inconsistencies have been found in central access to the capital of the state. The background to this is a weak point in the system of an external provider, which attempts to retrieve data from the state capital from outside without authorization or to install malware,” said the city in a statement

“We put our systems offline for security reasons, because we have to assume an illegal cyberattack,” said Mayor Mike Schubert. “We are working flat out to ensure that the affected administration systems are switched on again as soon as possible and that we can work safely again.”

The city has also switched off the administration’s internet connection and therefore cannot receive any emails and any incoming emails cannot be forwarded. Subsequently, citizens are being advised to submit all applications in writing by post. In addition, employees are also available by phone. 

In an updated statement, the city announced that the fire brigade is 100% able to work, and those depending on payments from the state capital are guaranteed to receive them.

The city has commissioned external IT security companies and IT forensic experts to support the city’s IT specialists in analysing the damage and ensuring the security of the data. 

Criminal charges have also been filed against unknown persons by the state capital, and relevant state and federal agencies have been informed about the incident. 

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