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GDPR - February 21, 2020

#Privacy: CISOs fear cyberattack increase in wake of US overseas military aciton

Anomali, a leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, has announced results of an Osterman Research survey revealing CISOs’ reactions to the current situation between the United States and Iran.

Anomali sponsored the survey to determine if CISOs believe that the elimination of former Iranian Major General Qasam Soleimani has increased cyber risk for their organizations.

The survey includes responses from more than 200 CISOs and others acting in this role, within organizations that have 5,000 employees or more. Key findings revealed:

  • Seven in 10 CISOs in large organizations believe that the current situation between the United States and Iran has heightened the level of cyber risk that their organizations face.
  • The potential for nation-state attacks, particularly after major international incidents, is a significant concern for more than one-half of CISOs. 80 percent consider such attacks to be either “serious” or “extremely serious.”
  • Seven in 10 large organizations can completely identify all of the attacks, infiltrations, hacks, malware infections and other incidents that have occurred in their network during the previous 12 months. Three in 10 organizations are not able to do so. Moreover, only 59 percent of organizations can consistently identify/detect cyber threats that are backed by nation-states.
  • More than 80 percent of CISOs believe that their industry peers are mature and proactive in the context of dealing with sophisticated security threats. Only 21 percent of organizations report that they are “completely prepared” to deal with cyber threats that are backed by nation-states.
  • 93 percent consider the use of threat intelligence to be either helpful to critically important in dealing with nation-state attacks.

“In the cybersecurity community, we frequently hear conversations about how private-sector organizations do not have to be as concerned about nation-state adversaries. Some think that these threat actors are mostly focused on rival governments,” said Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research.

“CISOs’ concerns about nation state attacks are fully justified. The recent indictment issued by the United States Department of Justice charging members of China’s military as the culprits behind the infamous Equifax attack shows that private businesses are at high risk of being breached by attackers backed by malicious governments.”

“Anomali is committed to helping all organizations to understand where the most serious risk comes from and to providing technologies and guidance that can help them to mount strong defenses,” said Nicholas Hayden, Anomali Global Head of Threat Intelligence.

“It is encouraging to discover that security leaders are taking the threat of nation-state attacks seriously. It is also good to learn that they recognize the high value that threat intelligence delivers in helping them to mitigate the problem.”

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