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GDPR - November 21, 2019

#Privacy: Chicago to welcome 2,000 new jobs in cybersecurity & technology

Cybersecurity and technology firms have announced plans to create 2,000 new jobs in Chicago, Illinois.

The news was announced on Monday when representatives of 15 businesses joined Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to celebrate Chicago Tech Day 2019, at the headquarters of software company Relativity.

Mike Gamson, Relativity CEO, announced plans to its new 2020 fellowship program, whereby individuals from underserved communities will be trained to work in tech and then given a job at either Relativity or a partner company afterwards.

“For tech leaders it’s important that we reach into the communities where opportunities often don’t come. In Chicago that might be on the South and West sides, or in your own neighborhood,” Gamson said at the event. “We need to take responsibility for recognizing that talent is often distributed evenly, but opportunity is not.”

Evanston Technology Partners, Chicago’s first African American-owned cybersecurity firm is one company looking to recruit new staff in 2020. The company will be located in the Bronzeville neighbourhood.

Owner Emanuel Jackson said: “I simply love Chicago.”

“That is important, but also this is a great opportunity for us to say to Chicago ‘we need you to be more inclusive.’ That’s the important part, and I think that is a really good start to making that happen.”

Evanston Technology Partners has previously partnered with IBM, Oracle, Dell and currently employs 40. It aims to hire a further 90 more members of staff in 2020.

The company received a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) grant of $500,000 to support the training and certifying of new hires, in addition it plans to hire its new recruits from within the local Bronzeville community.

The tech industry in Chicago is the city’s fastest growing industry sector, with over 4,000 digital companies, and over 143,000 individuals working within the sector. However, the majority of opportunities are based in the city’s most affluent areas.

Mayor Lightfoot stressed that diversity is necessary when it comes to technology:

“This is how we build a truly diversified economy and separate ourselves from other cities in the region, and in the country, because we’re building on our strengths and supporting multiple sectors of our economy at the same time.”

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