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GDPR - October 16, 2019

#Privacy: Canadian students share their passwords with friends

According to the Quebec Access to Information Commission (CAI), Canadian students are sharing their passwords with friends as proof of friendship.

For the past three years, the CAI has been visiting secondary schools across Quebec informing children about their campaign “Ce que tu publies, penses-y”, which briefly translates to “Think before you publish.”

The aim of the campaign is to warn and educate young people about privacy, and the risks and consequences of being active on the web and on social networks. The campaign also encourages Internet users to adopt responsible and safe behaviour on the Web.

Despite all of the CAI efforts, not all young people are getting the message.

The program coordinator of “Ce que tu publies, penses-y” Isabelle Gosselin explained that children do not take care of their privacy as they do not believe they are at risk.

According to Gosselin, three in four students raise their hands when asked if they share passwords with friends, thus stressing the extent of the problems. She added that students are often very proud to do it as it is a proof of friendship or love.

It has become a fashionable trend, and when educating students about the dangers, many reply with “Ne pensez-vous pas que vous exagérez, madame ? Ce n’est pas grave,” which roughly translates to “Do you not think you’re exaggerating ma’am? It does not matter.”

The tour runs all year-round and includes a one hour presentation containing real life experiences, as well as discussing issues related to identity theft, sexting, geolocation and privacy settings.

Gosselin added that the campaign is to educate those who feel they are invincible.

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