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GDPR - October 24, 2019

#Privacy: Canadian businesses to get cybersecurity boost

Newly launched technology in Canada should help the country’s organisations to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats more efficiently.

New managed detection and response (MDS) services have been created by communications and information technology company, TELUS. The offering is specifically geared to support mid-size firms in Canada.

While MDR was once only available to large corporations, TELUS is now offering a purpose-built and competitively priced service to provide mid-size organisations with the critical capabilities required to accelerate the detection of and response to cyber security threats across networks, endpoints and cloud services. Canadian businesses, big and small, now have the tools and resources to monitor their networks for malicious activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In a recent study by IDC (International Data Corporation)*, it was reported that only 32% of Canadian companies were prepared against cyber attacks or breaches and fewer than 50% have developed a cybersecurity strategy.

“Any organisation can be the target of a cyber security threat, and our new service is purpose-built for companies not large enough to hire in-house expertise ready to detect and remediate cyber security threats in their networks, end-points and cloud environments,” said Carey Frey, TELUS Vice-President and Chief Security Officer. “Our service will accelerate our customers’ ability to detect and respond to malicious attacks threatening their business.”

TELUS’ MDR service was developed in partnership with Field Effect Software, a leader in cyber security analytics, the development of network application solutions, and their Covalence security platform.

“We look for innovative partners who focus on effective and practical solutions for their customers. We are excited to partner with TELUS to bring our Field Effect Covalence threat detection and incident monitoring platform to TELUS clients,” said Andrew Loschmann, President and Chief Technology Officer, Field Effect. “TELUS is establishing a leadership position in the market with its MDR solution, which offers simple deployments and new ways to protect networks in environments with limited resources.”

TELUS MDR service helps protect companies by:

  • Proactively monitoring potential threats by working with clients’ existing technologies to complement security safeguards and proactively hunt for anomalies, vulnerabilities and breaches in networks.
  • Leveraging a highly accurate threat alerting feature that ensures immediate response with context and specific recommendations for remediation to ensure TELUS security analysts work with the customer to take the right action.
  • Providing real-time information about the status of their network and current vulnerabilities the service has detected as online sensors improve visibility to identify unauthorized devices and control shadow IT.
  • Making the service installation quick and painless given TELUS provides support throughout the installation process to ensure seamless integration and rapid deployment.

This announcement further highlights TELUS’ commitment to leverage its world-leading wireless and PureFibre networks and industry-leading client loyalty to enhance connected home, business, security, IOT, cybersecurity, smart buildings, smart cities, and health services for Canadian customers.

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