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GDPR - January 23, 2020

Privacy: British officials propose limited 5G role for Huawei

UK officials have proposed granting Huawei a limited role in the UK’s future 5G network despite the US pressuring the UK to ban the use of the Huawei equipment in 5G networks.

According to Reuters sources, the recommendation was made on Wednesday at a meeting of officials from senior government departments. 

The decision on how Huawei equipment will be deployed is set to be finalised at the National Security Council meeting next week. 

Huawei has faced multiple allegations regarding its equipment being used for spying on behalf of the Chinese government, to which officials proposed barring Huawei from the “core” part of the network and restricted government systems. 

The long-awaited decision has resulted in the UK being caught in the center of a geopolitical tug-of-war over Huawei. 

“In the first big test of Brexit Britain’s foreign policy, Johnson’s government must balance its “special relationship” with the United States against valuable trade ties with China and industry warnings that banning Huawei would cost billions of dollars and delay the UK rollout of super-fast 5G connections,” explained Reuters. 

A spokesman for prime minister Boris Johnson said: “The work on the issue of high risk vendors in the 5G network remains ongoing and when it is completed it will be announced to parliament.”

The decision will likely anger US officials who have threatened to cut intelligence sharing with allies refusing to ban Huawei. 

In May last year, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed the importance of the US protecting its UK operations from security risks, stating: 

“The US has an obligation to ensure that places where we operate, places where American information is, places where we have our national security at risk, that they operate inside trusted networks and that is what we will do.”

UK officials have called out Huawei for failing to address the security flaws within its equipment, but also stated that no evidence of state espionage was found. 

BT and Vodafone, the UK’s two largest telecoms operators have also argued against the ban. Both operators use Huawei equipment for its network. 

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