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GDPR - November 5, 2019

#Privacy: App parental content filter will improve child protections

A Parental Controls feature has been launched by Likee, a global short video APP, across mobile platforms. The feature will enable parents and guardians to remotely control or restrict young users’ access to content in Likee, improving user safety and identity protection.

The complete process of applying and disabling parental controls is protected by password, which is required to be changed in every seven days to ensure complete safety.

Once enabled, Parental Controls will allow to do the following:

  • Automatically turn into private mode all new videos published by the user. This means that other Likee users will not be able to see them;
  • Block live broadcasts, news and content in the Popular section which the parent/guardian have deemed not suitable for the user;
  • Block the viewing of user profile who are nearby or follow the user’s account;
  • Block live broadcasts produced by the user;
  • Block incoming and outgoing private messages;
  • Block pop-up messages;
  • Limit in-app purchase.

Users can update Likee to the latest version so as to find the Parental Controls. The feature allows for the private mode for young users’ accounts, as well as limiting their access to a number of functions and inappropriate content.

In addition, any user can also make his/her own Likee account private by doing so in the Settings. The user can also determine whether he/she would like to enable other users to comment on his/her videos.

Likee encourages parents and guardians of young users to take an active and communicative role in the education and usage of social media apps, and in general, the internet.

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