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GDPR - October 22, 2019

#Privacy: Adults over 30 better at cybersecurity than junior colleagues

Adults in the UK who are over the age of 30 have been found to adhere to more stringent cybersecurity practice than younger co-workers.

The findings, unearthed by the NTT Security, go against the grain of behavioural trend analysis that suggests under-30s are more concerned about privacy and security matters

The NTT study also examined the approach taken by citizens across a number of nations, with British over-30s coming scoring higher than those in younger age brackets, and those in the same category from countries such as Brazil, France, Hong Kong and the US.

The results show that youth does not necessarily equate to being more clued up when it comes to interacting safely with the online domain.

NTT suggested that workers who have spent more time in professional life have gained more essential knowledge and skills, giving them an advantage over more junior employees.

NTT Security’s vice president of consulting for the UK and Ireland, Azeem Aleem, said:

“It’s clear from our research that a multigenerational workforce leads to very different attitudes to cyber security. This is a challenge when organisations need to engage across all age groups, from the oldest employee to the youngest.

“With technology constantly evolving and workers wanting to bring in and use their own devices, apps and tools, business leaders must ensure that security is an enabler and not a barrier to a productive workplace,” he continued.

“Our advice for managing security within a multigenerational workforce is to set expectations with young people and make security awareness training mandatory. Then execute this training to test your defences, with all company employees involved in simulation exercises,” said Aleem.

“Finally, teamwork is key. The corporate security team is not one person, but the whole company, so cultural change is important to get right,” Aleem added.

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