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GDPR - September 20, 2019

#privacy: ACT government collaboration with AustCyber delivers cyber-security boost

A new partnership between the Australian Capital Territory (ACT government) and Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, AustCyber, is to launch the Canberra Cyber Security Node, in a venture that will take the total number of innovation nodes in Australia up to seven.

The initiative between the part-government-sponsored AustCyber and the ACT government is intended to stimulate growth in the local cyber-security workforce. It is also forecast to bring a much-needed boost to the commercialisation process within industries surrounding cyber-security tech in Australia.

Canberra Cyber Security Innovation Node manager, Linda Cavanagh, said:

“ACT government’s partnership with AustCyber is an important step in the advancement of the cybersecurity industry in the ACT in many ways. The Node is growing and creating jobs while strengthening Canberra’s knowledge economy — particularly around cybersecurity in the space, defence, and education sectors.”

The Canberra Node has already been operating alongside companies such as Archtis, Cogito Group, Penten and Quintessence Labs, AustCyber has said.

The Canberra Node will also be taking the lead over the National Missing Persons Hackathon which takes place as part of Australia’s Cyber Week later this year. The event will see white hat hackers and cyber-specialists use their talents to find potential new leads on real missing person investigations being carried out Down Under.

Describing the Hackathon, the AustCyber Canberra Innovation Node said:

“Contestants will be using their cyber skills to gather open source intelligence (OSINT) on long-term and current missing persons using only information that is publicly available on the internet.

“The goal of this is to generate new leads on cases that can provide assistance to the relevant Australian policing jurisdictions in their investigations,” it continued.

The commencement of the Canberra Node comes in the wake of July’s opening of the New South Wales Cyber Security Innovation Node in July.

There are now a total of seven innovation nodes in Australia, with formerly established nodes existing in Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

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