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GDPR - August 5, 2020

ICO launches AI and data protection guidance

The UK’s Data Protection Authority has launched a framework of best practice guidance based on data protection in artificial intelligence.

Based on two years of research and consultation by Professor Reuben Binns, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the ICO from 2018-2020 (now Associate Professor of Human Centred Computing at the University of Oxford), and the ICO AI team, the ICO believes it to be one of the only pieces of regulatory guidance in this field. It will be seeking feedback, to enable the guidance to stay abreast of such a fast-evolving technology.

Seeking to balance both the data protection risks and the benefits of AI projects, the guidance covers four areas: accountability, fair, lawful and transparent processing, data minimisation and individual rights compliance.

Click here for an introductory blog by Simon McDougall, Deputy Commissioner – Regulatory Innovation and Technology.

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