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GDPR - December 9, 2019

Florian Marcus to study Estonia’s digitalisation at PrivSec London

Opening at the QEII Exhibition Centre on February 4th and 5th 2020, PrivSec London is a two-day conference packed full of the very latest expert insight on data privacy and cyber security issues affecting the world today. 

The event offers CEOs, CISOs, data practitioners and IT professionals opportunity to network, share knowledge and ideas while hearing the views of subject-matter specialists at this decisive time for data governance.

Florian Marcus, Presenter-Analyst at e-Estonia Briefing Centre will be among those presenting their views at PrivSec London, in a keynote that will give delegates the lowdown on digitalisation and E-governance in Estonia.

A digital trail-blazer

Estonia is arguably the most advanced nation when it comes to leveraging large-scale digitisation and technology within private and public sectors, and wider society.

Introduced in 2014, Estonia’s e-residency programme envisioned a digital nation for all, and fell within Estonia’s drive to create an “information society” founded upon nascent technologies.

Today that ambition appears on a path to fulfilment, as around 94 per cent of applicants to the programme have obtained e-residency; in exchange for individual’s photograph, fingerprints and fee of €100, citizens receive an ID card, a cryptography key and a PIN code granting access to the Baltic country’s national systems.

Plans also exist for the country to pioneer in cybersecurity, cross-border data transfers, intelligent data transit and more.

Speaking to Raconteur, Kaspar Korjus, managing director of e-residency, says:

“E-governance is a strategic choice for Estonia to improve the competitiveness of the state and increase the wellbeing of its people, while implementing hassle-free governance. To reach where we are now, took great courage initially to invest in IT solutions.

“Our digital society couldn’t work without trust between the people, state authorities and private enterprises. Building trust has very little to do with technical solutions, but has a great deal to do with mindsets and culture. And changing this mindset is much more difficult and time consuming than creating technical solutions, Mr Korjus continues.

Learn from the experts

Having lived, studied and worked in three different countries, Florian Marcus has learned to appreciate Estonia’s vision of a digitally accessible government that serves its citizens rather than the other way around.

Exclusively at PrivSec London, Florian will go deeper into the Tallinn government’s achievements, the benefits they are unlocking, and what other nations can learn from the example being set in north-eastern Europe. With his work experience spanning both the private sector and government, he has witnessed the shortcomings, aspirations and struggles of each side.

Florian combines his academic mindset with his wealth of experience on a daily basis to ensure that every visiting delegation has access to and comprehensively understands the information it requires to succeed.

Florian also likes to dig into the metrics and data underlying various rankings and other valuable comparisons, which can help Estonia advance its e-governance model even further.

Also speaking at PrivSec London

  • Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv
  • Olu Odeniyi, Cyber Security and Digital Transformation Consultant
  • Tash Whitaker, Global Data Privacy Director at Whitaker Solutions
  • Greg Van Der Gaast, Head of Information Security at University of Salford
  • Dominic Aslan, CIO at DL Hudson
  • Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead at Protecture
  • Steve Wright, Partner at Privacy Culture
  • Josephine Harriman, Global Cyber & Privacy Legal Counsel at Morgan Stanley
  • Vicki Gavin, Head of Cyber Risk at Artemis Fund Management

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Picking up on the huge success of data privacy and cyber security conferences held throughout 2019, PrivSec London builds on debate momentum in 2020 with another two-day event packed with keynote talks, panel debates, workshops and exclusive presentations.

Live discussion will play out in front of audiences comprising CEOs, CISOs, IT practitioners and many more directly concerned with the evolution of the global data privacy conversation.

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Event details

Event: PrivSec London

Where: QEII Exhibition Centre, London

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