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GDPR - November 29, 2019

Exterro Webinar: How To Improve Your eDisclosure Strategies In 2020

Exclusive Webinar: How to improve your eDisclosure strategies in 2020

Going live this Tuesday December 3rd, Data Protection World Forum (DPWF) in association with Exterro delves into eDisclosure and challenges the process faces on the rapidly evolving landscape of data privacy legislation.

 “How to improve your eDisclosure strategies” brings Managing Director at CohnReznick Advisory, Judy Selby, into conversation with Martin Bonney, eDiscovery and Data Governance Consultant at Exterro, and Stuart Davidson, European Marketing Director at Exterro.

Over the course of the 45-minute webinar, our three experts will establish the significance of eDisclosure, why it matters, and how organisations can optimise the systems that facilitate eDisclosure in a way that keeps the regulator at bay. The floor will then be opened to questions from our webinar audience.

A foundation of good data governance

At a basic level, eDisclosure refers to the collecting, storing, searching and analysing of electronic documents in order to expedite disclosure through litigation processes. The practice is also needed to facilitate review stages and disclosure through regulatory investigations and internal reviews.

The rapid evolution of technology has transformed and multiplied ways in which we communicate to such an extent, that we are now seeing unprecedented levels of documentation being created on a daily basis.

The introduction of new data sources has only added to the quantities of information that needs to be processed lawfully, and in a way that compliments business operations.


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Beyond staying out of the regulator spotlight, adopting new technologies to help manage projects has been proven to tap into major eDisclosure advantages; companies stand to gain a tighter grasp on spending while unlocking efficiency-boosting benefits.

However, there are bumps in the road that must be negotiated if organisations are to embrace eDisclosure to its most effective extent. As attendees of this webinar will discover, these challenges include:

  • Budgets
  • Increasing data volumes
  • New data sources
  • Regulatory changes
  • Convergence of eDisclosure and Data Privacy
  • Technology

Together, our experts will examine each challenge before proposing solutions designed to harmonise with a successful eDisclosure strategy.

Attendees can have their questions answered by our experts, in a 15-minute Q&A at the end of the 45-minute presentation.


Introducing your speakers 

Martin Bonney, eDiscovery and Data Governance Consultant at Exterro

Martin has been working in the eDisclosure field for over 25 years. He was the founding lead at nMatrix in London, which became Epiq, but which he headed the eDisclosure team at Linklaters.

Martin has managed numerous multi-jurisdictional eDiscovery projects, specialising especially in delivering practical on-site solutions in countries across the EU, as well as Russia and the Middle East where privacy and data protection concerns had to be balanced with the requirements of common law.

Recently Martin was a member of the Sedona Conference WG6 Brainstorming Group on International Legal Holds and contributed to a chapter in the volume “International E-Discovery” published by Globe Law and Business.

He is currently working on a complex data mapping engagement involving multiple parties in multiple locations as part of a significant piece of litigation.


Judy Selby, Managing Director at CohnReznick Advisory

Besides her current role, Judy serves as co-lead of Privacy Advisory Services and assists companies with their privacy compliance, best practices, and training needs.

Judy also provides insurance due diligence services in M&A transactions and in loss portfolio transfer acquisitions.


Stuart Davidson, European Marketing Director at Exterro

Stuart has worked in B2B marketing operations for almost 15 years. Now as European Marketing Director for Exterro, Stuart is responsible for leading the marketing strategies throughout the EU region.

His prior role saw a Document Services company grow to become by far the largest independent provider in Europe, before being acquired by HP Inc. in a landmark industry deal.


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Webinar details

Title: “How to improve your eDisclosure strategies”

Date: Tuesday 3rd December

Time: 14:00 GMT

Duration: 1 hour


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