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GDPR - November 6, 2019

EUDPS Manchester: Facial recognition technology through the lens of privacy

European Data Protection Summit (EUDPS) Manchester presents two days of content-rich keynote talks and panel debates designed to address the most urgent business compliance topics in today’s data-driven economy.

Coming to Manchester’s Victorian Warehouse on November 13th and 14th, delegates at EUDPS can share knowledge, experience and ideas while learning from industry experts.

Privacy vs public interest

The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham recently spoke of her “serious concerns” over the use of public surveillance after a shopper in south Wales claimed his human rights were breached when he was photographed in public and without his consent.

The High Court ruled that South Wales Police used facial recognition technology lawfully, but Ms Denham has since called on the British government to bring in a statutory code of practice. Civil rights group, Liberty, meanwhile say surveillance of this nature is akin to taking DNA or fingerprints without consent.

In a blog post, Ms Denham said: “Never before have we seen technologies with the potential for such widespread invasiveness.

“The results of that investigation raise serious concerns about the use of a technology that relies on huge amounts of sensitive personal information,” she added, underlining how current laws are not able to manage the risks posed by the technology.

Be part of the live debate

Exclusively at EUDPS Manchester, the legalities of video surveillance and associated threats to privacy will be explored by data privacy expert, Ivana Bartoletti.

As Head of Data Privacy and Protection at Gemserv, Ivana’s wealth of experience was accrued through senior posts across public and private sectors, including roles in the NHS, Barclays and Sky.

A privacy and data protection professional, Ivana is passionate about digital ethics and data governance, and mobilises her expertise through keynote talks at leading industry events in the UK and overseas. She helps businesses to harness the data they hold, and focuses on the privacy by design programmes especially in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

In May 2018, Ivana launched the Women Leading in AI network, along with Dr Allison Gardner and Reema Patel, a lobby group of women from different backgrounds aimed to mobilise the tech industry and politics to set clear governance around AI so that the technology is bound by human values to support all citizens.

Also speaking at EUDPS

  • Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor at Bank of England
  • Yasmin Hinds, Data Risk and Remediation Consultant at Soprasteria
  • Simon Hall, Freelance Privacy Consultant & DPO Coach at AwarePrivacy
  • Tash Whitaker, Global Data Privacy Director at Whitaker Solutions Ltd
  • Iain Bourne, Head of Personal Information and Privacy at Grant Thornton
  • Natasha Warner, Head of Privacy & Information Management at Direct Line Group
  • Greg Van Der Gaast, Head of Information Security at University of Salford Manchester
  • Victoria Guilloit, Partner at PrivacyCulture
  • Dave Parsons, Information Governance Manager at Cardiff Council

Among agenda topics discussed at EUDPS Manchester

  • Data Protection in the 2019: Where are we in the Global Privacy Landscape?
  • Privacy in the era of emerging technologies, AI, robotics, big data and algorithms
  • Cookies Best Practice
  • Creating a Global Privacy Programme in an Evolving Regulatory Environment
  • InfoSec and its support of information governance
  • Leveraging Threat Intelligence for Cyber Resilience and Data Protection
  • Lessons learned from the Marriott data breach
  • Privacy and the IoT, issues and challenges
  • Data protection and privacy and the Brexit deal
  • The case for EU Representatives after Brexit

Don’t miss this unique opportunity

European Data Protection Summit Manchester provides the perfect forum for developing business strategy in a way that nurtures data protection, so that a responsible approach to data handling takes hold through every level of business.

Join our community of data protection, privacy, governance and security professionals to network, share knowledge, tools and insights at European Data Protection Summit Manchester.

Register for EUDPS Manchester today!

Event details:

European Data Protection Summit Manchester

Where: Victorian Warehouse, Manchester

When: 13th & 14th November 2019

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