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GDPR - April 3, 2020

Don’t forget privacy in the mad rush to remote working, say experts 

Privacy considerations are in danger of getting overlooked as companies rush towards home working, warn privacy experts.

Usually, large corporations move slowly. The Covid-19 crisis has come as a shock to us all, but privacy experts fear that in the rush to accommodate the shift to home-working, companies are opening themselves up to many problems down the line.

You know, there are a lot of people, boy and girl friends who may not be getting along right nowSo, someone might broadcast their boy friend’s data all over Instagram and pretend it was him,” warned Abigail Dubiniecki, a lawyer specialising in privacy at myinhouselawyer.

She added: “My prediction is we’re going to start hearing about all types of breaches associated with remote working.”

Part of the problem might be that we think differently when we are at home, maybe we have a less formal mindset, more casual, about how we use our computer, perhaps.

Also, up to now, remote working was less common.  Steve Wright a partner at Privacy Culture explained: “Now you will become much more of a target because If you’re going to be doing all your transmissions through your home then, for cyber criminals, it is now worth listening to.”

“Let’s be honest,” he added: “you take it out of the box, and you plug it in and it flashes blue and you get all sort of things like Netflix and you haven’t really paid much attention to the password, because the frequency of working from home might have been quite low. You may not set that router up securely. Now, we find ourselves in a very different situation. Employers are completely reliant on the infrastructure of thousands if not millions of remote workers.”

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