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GDPR - November 6, 2019

Accountability and operational resilience explored at PrivSec Accountability FS

Coming to London’s Barbican Centre on Tuesday 12th November, PrivSec Accountability FS will deep dive into the myriad of data challenges that the financial sector faces as cybersecurity practices and data privacy laws tighten.

Taking place next week, this one-day financial services conference will give CEOs, CISOs, CFOs and IT professionals a better understanding of the difficulties in complying with multiple regulations and while exploring data protection, privacy and cybersecurity issues.

Data governance as an immediate priority

Since May 2018 and the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data protection authorities in Europe have issued in excess of €56m in GDPR breach-related fines from over 200,000 reported cases. Business leaders need to understand that these figures are only set to rise.

Vivienne Artz, chief privacy officer of market data purveyor, Refinitiv, recently cited a report published at the end of February this year, which attributed 65,000 of these data breach cases to reports submitted by data controllers, while around 95,000 stemmed from complaints made to the regulator.

Incident reports are expected to rise as organisations adopt a “just in case” mentality, in response to which the ICO has created a team dedicated to addressing data breaches, providing a single point of contact so that data controllers can understand whether a formal notification is necessary or not.

Take action now

In such a climate, bosses need to do all they can to optimise data processing activities, embracing not only the standards but also the ethics of the GDPR. Only then can data breach risk be understood and best offset, thus minimising disruption of a data incident and any regulator action that might take place as a result.

The issue takes centre stage at PrivSec Accountability FS 2019, where cyber security expert, Alex Lindl, will be presenting on accountability under SMR and operational resilience from a senior information security perspective, examining how process, control and governance can ensure bosses deliver effective accountability.

Audience members at Alex’s talk can learn more about GDPR and FCA enforcement cases, the biggest fines imposed and by which DPAs, as well as practical steps to take to reduce GDPR fine risk.

Alex is Senior Information Security Manager, Security, Resilience and Protection at Standard Life Aberdeen plc. Alex has worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Vodafone to develop Threat Management frameworks, scenario planning to deliver certification and compliance against international standards.

Also speaking at PrivSec Accountability FS

  • Bojana Bellamy, President at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP’s Centre for Information Policy Leadership
  • Steve Durbin, Managing Director at Information Security Forum
  • William Malcom, Head of Legal at Google
  • Brad Bryant, Chief Privacy Officer at AON
  • Dr Alastair Macwillson, British cyber-security professional and Advisor to Parker Fitzgerald
  • Steve Wright, CEO at PrivacyCulture
  • Bernard Swierczyna, CIO & CISO at First Ireland
  • Ignasi Riera, Privacy Consultant at OneTrust Privacy

Attendees of PrivSec Accountability FS can also explore issues such as GDPR, Mifid II, Cybersecurity, global data protection laws, Brexit, and possibly conflicting regulatory frameworks.

This exclusive event will bring security professionals and business leaders together to provide a day of advice, learning and networking for all data protection stakeholders.

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Event details

PrivSec Accountability FS 2019

Date: Tuesday 12th November 2019

Venue: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

This event is run by Data Protection World Forum Ltd, in association with OneTrust LLC.

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