Reskilling facilitates agile IT in the digital era

The heightened urgency over driving competitive advantage in the digital era has IT leaders scrambling to reskill employees, who must familiarize themselves not only with new tools but the business processes required to support and drive business strategy. Add in the talent shortage in critical domains such as cloud, machine learning, data science, software engineering and cybersecurity, and you can see why CIOs are increasingly cross-training employees in new and emerging disciplines.

“The technology landscape of coding, language and skills is evolving rapidly, creating a need for IT departments to make sure employees are up to date on the latest skills,” says Forrester Research analyst Andrew Bartels. Employees want to learn new skills, such as web and mobile development, and data science, says Bartels.

Those that don’t risk being left behind, a concern that some employees are already voicing. Seventy percent of workers surveyed say they haven’t yet mastered the skills required for their future jobs, according a 2018 Gartner survey of 7,100 people.

“This leads to a loss of engagement, decline in motivation and increase in workforce attrition,” wrote Gartner analysts Kaustav Dey and John Santoro in the report. “Hence, reskilling strategy needs to evolve.”

The following is a look at how several IT leaders are approaching this issue to create more productive, agile IT workforces.

Refreshing IT skills through SaaS

As the CIO of payment processor TSYS, Patty Watson is leading a digital transformation that includes migrating workloads from mainframes to public clouds, using RESTful APIs to make it easier to work with partners and customers, and adopting agile and product development models to roll out new products faster.

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