How my car dealer changed my perspective on technology and the customer experience

You’ve seen the statistics or at least ones that are similar:

No wonder your project list is filling up with requests for customer experience applications and solutions. The customer-facing initiatives have a certain “cool” factor to them. They don’t, however, address the not-so-visible impact technology and data have on creating amazing customer experiences.

Did I tell you about my new car?

I picked up a new automobile in December 2018. That’s not special. People do that every day – at least for now.

What makes it worth sharing is that I wasn’t looking to change. I was two years into a three-year lease on a vehicle that my wife and I completely enjoyed. We had even laughed that we could safely ignore the end-of-year ad campaigns from our preferred brand.

That changed with a call from the sales manager of the dealership with which I’ve done business for over 25 years.

 “Mr. Pennington, would you be interested in moving up to a 2019 edition of the same vehicle you are driving today? It should cost you nothing out of pocket and the same lease payment?”

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