The ‘future of work’ in the digital era may not be what you think

I remember walking through the turnstile at Disneyland as a kid. The moment we were actually in the park, I knew exactly where I was headed.

Like any Southern California native, I had a laundry list of my favorite spots at The Happiest Place on Earth. But at the top of that list — and the place I ran toward the moment I crossed that threshold — was Tomorrowland.

As a kid, stepping foot into Tomorrowland felt as if I was actually traveling to the future. It was full of new ideas about far off worlds, new inventions — or as Disney called them, Innoventions — and glimpses of what our future might hold.

There was one place, however, that held my imagination more than any other — and which represents the true essence of Tomorrowland.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

In truth, of course, most of that stuff was about as far off-base as we could get. The problem with imagining the future, it turns out, is that we are always captive to our present reality.

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