Email Marketing Beginners Guide 2018-2019 /GDPR Compliant/! The Ugly Truth Revealed!

Email Marketing Beginners Guide 2018-2019! The ugly truth!


What you need to start Email Marketing Campaign? 1:36
Email Campaign Platforms: 5:10
How to Build Email List? 12:43
How to Build Landing Page? 14:31
The Ugly Truth Email Campaign Example! 19:03

In nowadays you can find a lot of videos across the WWW claiming to have the key for successful email marketing campaign but 99.9% of them are just general useless information.
I admit email marketing is vast topic and It cannot be covered in 30 minutes or even in couple of hours of video materials but within my video you can at least find a real beginners guide!
Email marketing is very powerful skill and you must add it to your arsenal if you want to successfully build your online empire!
Watch the whole video and you will see how you can make email marketing campaign from scratch.

You need several components:
1. Lead Targeted Traffic using your YouTube channel, Blog Website, Social Media branding circle or payed ads!
2. Email Campaign Platform – you have to register with one. I recommend Send Grid, Mail Jet or Active Campaign. All three of them are professional, cheap and easy to use. Once you pick one you can to create a list and automated event, basically automate your Email gathering process!
3. You need Landing Page Builder I recommend Lead pages, Instapage, Unbouce, Wishpond or Lender – they are all GDPR compliant and good Drag and Drop platforms. Of course you can find one yourself.
4. Sync all together, create an incentive and start building your targeted list.

It might sound all confusing but after you watch my video it will all look way more simple.

There are some useful links!
Email Campaign Platforms and Automation:
Active Campaign:
Mail Jet:
Send Grid:

Landing Page Drag and Drop Platforms:
Lead Pages:

How to Start YouTube Channel?
How to create my own Blog Website:

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