Can Google demonstrate it’s ready to be serious about the enterprise?

When it comes to cloud services, Google is the ultimate tease — every year it seems it is ready to break out, and every year things continue to stay the same.

One challenge the company has in getting more businesses to consider their services is that Google appears to treat corporate-focused services like a hobby than something in which they’re really interested. A former Google executive told me the consumer businesses, particularly search dominated R&D, gets the most attention, which makes sense given how much revenue it pulls in. The problem is the development teams for the business products always played second fiddle to search and would often have to shelve things they were working on. 

The Google Cloud Portfolio is very broad, and its worth doing a deep dive into these to understand how Google is positioned.

Google remains a distant #3 in cloud computing

The IaaS and PaaS markets have been, and continue to be, dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) being a distant number three.

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